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Bonura Building fuses elite architecture with a progressive aesthetic, a combination that has been winning fans for over a decade, especially in Santa Monica and the Hollywood Hills. About 70 percent of the firm's work is in residential remodels, with the other 30 percent in ground-up custom homes, where Bonura specializes in contemporary and mid-century modern architecture. 

Principal C.J. Bonura is a licensed architect (SCIA) with the trench-hewn experience of a contractor. Clients describe him as a "very straightforward" and "trustworthy" man who is obsessed with detail. Customers say they have come to value Bonura's aesthetic opinion as much as his technical know-how. He is said to be able to simplify design without stifling quality, and to offer better options for each dollar spent. Clients appreciate the fact that Bonura anticipates concerns and asks the right questions ahead of time.

CJ Bonura


Architect + General Contractor

Architect License: CBAE # C 25107

Contractor’s License: CSLB B 663461

Tel: 213-305-1953

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