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The Durand project was a complete gut, remodel and addition designed by Elissa Scrafano of Scrafano Architects and built for Amy Wakeland and current mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti. The original house was a two story mid century modern house built in Echo Park. The bulk of the project was focussed on the addition to the second story and remodeling throughout, which was very conscious in keeping the flavour of the original mid-century modern house it was built upon. Bonura Building worked closely with Scrafano on the detailing of the house in the field, helping to fill in the blanks in the original design.

The clients were very satisfied with the results and would later return to Bonura Building to do several other updates to the house post construction.

Architect: Scrafano Architects 

Address: 3001 Durand | Los Angeles, CA 

Owner: Eric Garcetti | Amy Wakeland

Description: 2,080 sf residence complete remodel; 510 sq. ft. second story addition   

Cost: $380,000

Completed: 2003

DURAND Bedroom
DURAND Kitchen
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