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Chateau Rd was an original 1960’s Kelsey-Ladd House, as well as John Kelsey's personal home. The house itself was something of a prototype for the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, John Kelsey taking the existing diagram for Chateau and applying it in the Museum design. When Bonura Building began work on the house, it was in good shape but had an unfortunate bad 80’s decor and remodel done to it. Bonura Building went through and undid all the finishes, recreating the spaces in our own mid-century modern style. The existing kitchen was retained but upgraded, the master bathroom was completely reconfigured with our own design features, and even the powder room was custom decorated to the client’s needs. The rest of the structure was restored, including the terrazzo floor in the main-space with the actual black-border concrete.

Architect: Bonura Building Inc 

Address: 1160 Chateau Rd | Pasadena, CA

Owner: CJ Bonura

Description:   Restoration of a mid-century modern Kelsey-Ladd residence 

Cost: $350,000

Completed: 2011

Chateau Kitchen Powder
Chateau Exterior Front
Chateau Pool
Chateau Master Bath
Chateau Great Room
Chateau Entry
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