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Allenwood was an existing mid-century modern house designed by Thornton Abell and owned by Jonah Wilson, a residential realtor in Beverly Hills. Bonura Building worked on a master bedroom and bathroom addition designed by Antony Unruh of Unruh Boyer as well as a remodel through the rest of the house. The master bedroom and bathroom addition had a heavy focus on materials and detailing. In the bathroom terrazzo took center stage, featured in the floor, a built in terrazzo tub as well as built in terrazzo countertops. The new bedroom volume was designed to match the pre-existing folding roof. A construction manager was hired during the construction process to ensure the client was getting exactly what they wanted.

Architect: Dake Wilson 

Address: 8616 Allenwood Drive | Los Angeles, CA 

Owner: Jonah Wilson

Description: Remodel of a Thornton Abell house  

Cost: $720,000

Completed: 2005

Allenwood Living
Allenwood Master
Allenwood Bath
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