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Carmen Crest

Carmen Crest was a small den/bathroom addition and kitchen/dining room remodel to an historic Kelsey Ladd house above the Hollywood Bowl. This was a very similar single story structure similar to our own Chateau Road house which was John Kelsey’s own house. Bonura Building was already familiar with the detailing and aesthetic discipline so it was a natural fit for Bonura Building to be awarded the project.


We always joke and make say “we aren't building the Getty” but in this case, the detailing and fit & finishes had to be museum quality. This increased the cost of the project significantly, but the outcome was perfect in everyone’s eyes.


The owners were both creatives, and we loved working closely with them to bring the vision to life. The owners continued with us as we went on to perform another design/build project right after the completion of Carmen Crest.


Architect: Matthew Gillis

Address: 2400 Carmen Crest, Los Angeles CA

Owner: Tiffiny Lendrum/Adam Eastwood

Description: Mid-century Modern 1,000 s.f. remodel of kitchen/dining & 400 s.f. addition

Cost: $364,000

Completed: February 2017

Carmen Crest Cabinetry
Carmen Crest Counter
Carmen Crest Exterior
Carmen Crest Bedroom
Carmen Crest Facade
Carmen Crest Kitchen
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