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Seaview Lane was done in collaboration with the architect Ivan Kadey.  Ivan had done the schematic drawings and design development drawings which we built on from.  Bonura Building completed most of the detailing and construction coordination during the actual construction process.  These decisions had to combine a focused and efficient pace but integrate the detailing and configuration as the architect desired.  The owners, due to their own technical knowledge, played a large role in the project.  The project posed the additional challenge of it being in Mt. Washington where the streets were very narrow.  This made the staging very challenging, but this ground-up house was a true jewel once completed.

Architect: Ivan Kadey Designs 

Address: 4274 Sea View Lane | Los Angeles, CA 

Owner: Nick Scoville | Zara Turgell 

Description: New construction of a two story Modern residence   

Cost: $1,629,000

Completed: 2009

Seaview Entry
Seaview Front
Seaview Spa
Seaview Rear Facade
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