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Sixth Street is one of Bonura Building’s earliest projects, a budget ground up construction designed by Chu + Gooding and built for Annie Gabbert and her husband. The client's biggest priority was affordability, wanting to keep the project cost at $200 per square foot. We completed the project under budget at $191 per square foot.

Based on the architect's intentions to maintain affordability, the main focus of the project became the building’s ‘exterior shell’, utilizing tall doors and windows with inexpensive stucco surrounds to compliment the building’s sculptural forms. The inside was very minimalist, opting for exposed concrete floors, minimal cabinetry and lighting. Sixth Street is a great example how good design doesn’t need to be sacrificed for the sake of affordability.

Architect: Chu +Gooding 

Address: 2722 Sixth St | Santa Monica  CA 

Owner: Ann Gabbert

Description: 2-story house, 1,450 sq ft ground up construction   

Cost: $278,000

Completed: 2000

Sixth Street Living
Sixth Street Side Elevation
Sixth Street Facade
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