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Journey's End

Journey’s End was a restoration and remodel of an existing Lloyd Wright house in La Cañada Flintridge. The exterior of the house maintained its original design but Rick Corsini, the architect on the project, took full license to restore and modify the interior. Full wood custom paneling and extensive casework made up the bulk of the labor, along with restoring exterior windows and finishes. This project ended up being two stage — the first phase being about two thirds of the work, and the second phase being the last third completed two years later.

Architect: Corsini Architects

Address: 1210 Journeys End Drive  | La Cañada, CA 

Owner: Eric & Alisa Callow

Description: Single Story Residential Remodel of a Lloyd Wright house   

Cost: $230,000

Completed: 2007

Entrance Wall
Front Door
Halway Soffit
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