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Park Oak was an existing house that was gutted and remodeled with complete high end fixtures and finishes. This project was another collaboration with the architects Chu + Gooding, demonstrating once again their exemplary construction administration. A lot of design and refinement went into every aspect of this project and the end result was stunning.

Architect: Chu + Gooding Architects 

Address: 2551 N. Park Oak Drive | Los Angeles, CA 

Owner: Jeff Tietjens 

Description: Existing 2,400 sq ft. residence interior remodel & hardscape/spa construction  

Cost: $621,000 Remodel; $161,000 Hardscape 

Completed: 2006

Park Oak Kitchen
Park Oak Dining
Park Oak Front
Park Oak Living Room
Park Oak Master
Park Oak Office
Park Oak Powder
Park Oak Patio
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