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St. Ives was another development project in 2007-2008 by way of the Tanager Way project.  Originally designed by Richard Olander Architects, Bonura Building took over the design, refined it, detailed it and got the project permitted.  We made use of the same techniques as Tanager Way and utilized the flat roof planes that extended as overhangs and protected the southern and western faced glazing.  The pool was redesigned to be integrated with the house.  Travertine stone floors were used throughout and also as the fireplace hearths.  Minimal design, elegance and a consciousness towards light and the views were all part of this composition.  

Architect: Bonura Building Inc | Richard Olander Architects  

Address: 1267 St. Ives Place | Los Angeles, CA

Owner: Randy Arnold 

Description: Complete remodel/addition of an existing ranch style home to modern masterpiece  

Cost: $1,800,000

Completed: 2008

St Ives Pool Overhang
St Ives Bedroom Balcony
St Ives Front Facade at Night
St Ives Kitchen
St Ives Living Room
St Ives Below Shot
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