Blum & Poe

Blum & Poe Gallery was on of Bonura Buildings larger projects. The square footage and budget was not intimidating because the project was basically a mini-museum and the details were all so minimal. We worked very closely with the team consisting of the client, architect, construction manager as well as all of the consultants on this specific project. There were few challenges other than the skylight deflection which we had to pre-determine and pre-load these framed openings to insure that the deflection did not alter the lines of the skylights nor the roof slope above.


Project was 100% success and Bonura Building is proud of the outcome.

Architect: Escher GuneWardena Architecture

Address: 2727 La Cienega 

Owner: Jeff Poe and Tim Blum

Description: Complete renovation/conversion of a 25,000 sf warehouse space into Art Gallery

Cost: $3,156,000

Completed: may 2010

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