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Strange Weather films was an existing commercial office building that was purchased by Strange Weather and Space International, who we also did the Kitson project with, and Bonura Building worked with them to create this build-out.  The architect was still designing the project after the building process had already begun so many details needed refining in the field.  Many of the details that had gone into the facade treatments, interior finishes and other aspects were done with clever tact, especially the custom stainless steel railings for the foyer.  The project was built during the recession.  Pricing was critical and did not go over budget.  The owners were happy with the finished project and the building is still being used in its original configurations.  In 2014, the project received a Renovated Building Award.

Architect: Space International 

Address: 4205 Santa Monica Blvd | Los Angeles, CA 

Owner: Strange Weather Films

Description: 4,300 sf exterior/interior remodel of an high end office space  

Cost: $902,000

Completed: 2013

Strange Weather Front
Strange Weather Entry
Strange Weather Stairs
Strange Weather Exterior
Strange Weather Conference
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