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For this project, Bonura Building was brought in through the initial sale of the property and worked closely with the Celebrity husband and wife team. The husband was concerned about budget and schedule while the wife was all concerned about aesthetics, finishes and fixtures. Perched along the Hollywood hills with a view, the house was reconfigured to have fenestrations looking out towards the backyard pool area but also maintain privacy from the neighboring street. This was accomplished by having a glass wall and a fortress-like gate/garage facade which blurred the entry and created a contrast with the composition of the two different materials. The interior was then gutted and remodeled with beautiful single light wood doors that were inserted into the walls for a seamless interior/exterior living environment.  

Architect: Bonura Building Inc 

Address: 1644 Rising Glen  | Los Angeles  CA

Owner: Roger Berman | Rachel Zoe

Description: 400 sf ranch/modern bedroom addition and remodel  

Cost: $340,000

Completed: 2005

Rising Glen Bathroom
Rising Glen Dining
Rising Glen Firebench
Rising Glen Living
Rising Glen Facade
Rising Glen Glass Exterior Walk
Rising Glen Planter
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