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Westgate is another build completed with architecture firm Chu + Gooding. Bonura Building came in and rescued the project from a previous contractor who was let go halfway through construction during the framing stage. We successfully completed the rough framing, ensured the building past inspection and completed all the finishes on the project. The greatest challenge of the project was getting all the finishes to align perfectly.

Chu + Gooding is an exceptional architecture firm that was very flexible and worked close with us the contractor to create this project. Bonura Building has since collaborated with them on a number of projects, Principal CJ Bonura having been friends with Architect Annie Chu since their days working with Frank Gehry.

Architect: Chu + Gooding  

Address: 705 S. Westgate Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 

Owner: Maggie Magee | Diana Miller 

Description: Second story addition; lower floor remodel   

Cost: $321,000

Completed: 2000

Westgate Roof Form
Westgate Bedroom
Westgate Facade
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